G’day Mate

I know, I thought utterly too long and hard on what clever title I should have for this first post, so after abandoning that, I naturally decided on the most obvious and cliché choice there was. Even writing that sentence was a bit too much effort, so now I’m just going to stop overthinking and just write.

I’m about a week and a half into my study abroad “journey” and already have some thoughts and opinions to share. – Also this first post isn’t about anything in particular, I’m sure I’ll tend to jump around with this constantly. To be honest my reasons for starting this blog are to use it as a diary of sorts, so if you’re reading and you’re not me, just be aware of my writing tendencies  1: I tend to not have a filter 2:  I skip around (thanks ADD) 3: I just write about random things, 4: I’m very sarcastic 5: grammatical errors of any sort ( I will try to avoid them, but I’m human) and 6: anything else I haven’t already covered. Enjoy.

Anyways some things i have learned (mostly opinions) :

  • I love Australia’s gluten free bread. My roommate is gluten free so that was the sole reason that I even tried it in the first place. Put that shit in the toaster and slap some butter on it and wow, damn good.
  • The Aboriginal people (indigenous people of Australia) are dedicated to their land in a beautiful way.
  • Australians write their dates differently here and it’s messing me up.
  • Communicating with people in the states is profoundly difficult.
  • On that note so is having a boyfriend 10,000 miles away.
  • Everyone wants to go out 24/7, and me being the (mostly) introvert that I am is very against it. It’s not that I don’t want to go out and have fun with good friends, it’s just that I don’t want to do it every damn night.
  • Australians are hot.
  • They are also not as easy to understand as one would think when they are talking fast. Yes they speak english, but with the accent on top of some slightly different terms and slang, it can get hard to understand.
  • Australian Netflix is incredible. We’re talking She’s the Man, Something Borrowed, What a girl wants, Sex and the City, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Mean Girls, He’s Just not that into you, Freaky Friday, Legally Blonde, and I think you get the point. I freaked out when I was told my Netflix wasn’t going to work here, but now I realize it’s just a different (and debatably better) selection.
  • On the other hand it is next to impossible for me to stream any football game here and I am having withdrawal. So if anyone knows any methods at all, hit me up.
  • That and the bachelor #deprived

Anyways those are my random thoughts for tonight.

Megan Lucky

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