I have the taste of watermelon in my mouth and the bottom half of my body is engulfed in the beautiful clear blue water that is the Australian ocean. This beach therapy was absolutely necessary after a night of drinking, where I spent too much money to reveal because I don’t want my mom to know (from buying everyone a damn drink). Not only that but of course my clutzy lanky extremities are even more dangerous when I’m intoxicated,  so I broke a bunch of shit on top of it. Also got my first job rejection this morning, not that I expected anything else, it’s just tough when all your friends around you are getting their dream internships. Needless to say, this beach day is rejuvenating. Yes, it is windy and yes there is sand in every crevis of my body, but that’s what you sign up for when you go to the beach, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this sand in my crack and wind in my knotty hair.

I finally attended each class this week (well technically there are “tutorials” that were canceled for the first week, but for the most part). Looking forward to Sport Development and Adventure Tourism the most. In my sport class today we watched a short UNICEF clip on sport around the world and it really made me remember why I majored in sports management. Sport is unifying, it is a global passion. It brings people together and off the streets. I was hit with this weird wave of emotions while I was watching it. It wasn’t even that good of a video, but the emotion was there, and it struck me. People of all ages, genders, races, and religions watch and participate in sport. So while we fight and argue about politics and other current issues we always have sport. After 9/11 when the first baseball game was played it was truly moving and helped the country stand together and have the sport bring them hope and unity. Anyways I’m proud to be learning about this industry and I’m excited to get my feet wet with it.

I promise I’ll write my next post about what I’ve been doing here. 

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