Week in review

I never know how to title these, that will continue to be something I struggle with. Anyways, I want to backtrack and get into my adventures thus far. I also want to start by talking about the people I’ve met here. Through my program I met a lot of cool people. The people I met just two weeks ago, feel like best friends. It feels like I’ve known some of these girls forever. I feel so in my habitat here, surrounded by down to earth people who like a lot of the same things that I do, and in such a beautiful country that embraces the types of outdoors activities that I love.

After my million hour flight, we were put right on a bus to Byron Bay. Stayed in a hostel that night, not that bad. Just a whole bunch of estrogen in bunkbeds. Apart from the communal unisex showers. Don’t worry Jack, I didn’t shower. Just kidding but I was careful to make sure I chose boy-less times. The first real activity we did was a surf lesson, can you get more cliché tourist in Australia? Nope, but it’s ok I had a good time. Our surf instructors were also the stereotype surfers with shaggy long blonde hair and tan toned bodies, welcome to Australia. The water was a little bit rough for us beginners but fun nonetheless, definitely going to try to buy a surf board on the “Australian Craigslist” but I’ll keep you updated. Next we went to the Byron Bay lighthouse for a hike down the mountain. It was a gorgeous view and walk. We also listened to two aboriginals tell us about some of their history which was neat. Following this day, we visited an organic farm and it was actually really cool and inspiring. We were able to pick our own salads from the lettuce they were growing. Everything tastes so much better when you know it’s fresh. We also went on a walk with a “mountain man” (for lack of a better term) who told us about the land, gave us some survival skills, and showed us around. Next we went kayaking with a big group of us. The spot we went was beautiful. No one wanted to leave. I woke up to do yoga on the beach with a spiritual instructor who went nice and slow, the perfect pace for myself. On our last day before going to school, we went to a wildlife sanctuary where I got to (paid to) hold a koala, and was able to hang out and pet kangaroos (that part was free). We then piled onto a bus to go to our new home, Gold Coast, where we took a river cruise with views of the city. The views were incredible and vibes were awesome with good friends and good music. Then finally, later that night, we arrived at Bond University.

So far I’ve loved every little adventure and I can’t wait to explore more. I love and miss everyone so much.

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