Best title yet. Two night ago I decided to go out with my friends, like “out out” not like pregame with everyone then go back to my room to sleep. I’m glad I went out but man did I make some questionable choices. I most literally joined a booty shaking competition for lack of ANY other description. I did it with my friends for a funny memory but it was more embarrassing than funny, especially because I looked like a hula dancer next to certain others who did not appeat as innocent, or clothed for that matter. Maybe one day I will look back on it with humor. Yesterday I went to the club fair which ended up being a little disspponting because it was winding down and some of the clubs had already packed up. That being said I still signed up for some things. One of them being football… they let girls play tackle here! The woman looked at me like I had four eyes when I asked if girls could play. I hope the rules are the same, or very similar. Highly unlikely I’ll be put in at all. I also signed up for some volunteer things and am planning on joining the hiking club even though it wasn’t there when I was. The storms here are insanely loud and quite frightening to be honest. The thunder is ear shattering. I am currently en route to Stradbroke Island for a weekend with my program. I’m hoping the rain holds out this weekend so activities can continue as planned. 

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