Rad @ Strad

A small carton of Ben & Jerry’s here is $13. Ridiculous, I mean typically I don’t even like Ben& Jerry’s, but it’s slim pickins’ here, so I’ll take what I can get (probably won’t be buying it again though). Since I haven’t  written since last week, I’d like to start by telling you about this weekend when I went to Stradbroke Island with ISA (my program). First we went on a “Gorge walk” and it was beautiful (featured image for example). Although a few of us got yelled at for venturing too far down the dangerous rocks (it was worth it) it was all around a great hike with awesome views. Next we went kayaking, it was raining so the experience itself was not as pleasurable as could be, but I did get to see some cool sting rays. After that everyone was beat from the day so we went back to our hostel for a shower, some drinking games and relaxing. None of us realized just how drunk we were about to get. Ignorance is bliss…right? The next morning I woke up around 5 am in dire need of water. First of all I couldn’t figure out why there was so much sand in my bed, second of all I couldn’t find my phone… and then I realized I was wearing different clothes, and couldn’t find the ones I was wearing last night. I got some water and returned to my room and that’s when it hit me, I ran into the ocean fully clothed last night. That explains the sand, now was drunk Megan smart enough to rinse off when she got back? Bingo, there were my clothes, in the girls shower room. Once my friends woke up they helped me locate the rest of my belongings, and helped fill me in on the night, which included some videos. The rest of the morning I had never felt worse in my life. I promise this is the last drunk story you’ll hear for a while, I truly don’t know what’s become of me! Hey, at least it looked like I had fun. I even cried apparently because everything was “just so beautiful.” Anyways we had an Aboriginal weapons talk later that morning and then we got lunch and went sand-boarding! Other than a few nasty wipeouts I’d say we all had a good time. All in all a successful weekend other than a bad hangover and a few bumps and bruises. Coming back to school the next day was alright, other than the Steelers loss, which everyone was streaming in my history class. Ate some more Thai food this week, (it’s becoming my favorite) and also went to the beach a few more times. Australia day was fun to be a part of, although we did miss some awesome fireworks. Lots of Australian flags flying. Possibly doing a short weekend trip to Brisbane in the next day or so, will keep you updated. Postcards and letters to come!

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