Hello –

I should probably start addressing these posts as dear mom and dad because I’m pretty sure they’re the only people that read this. Anyways I’ve noticed that I have been developing some habits while abroad, some good, some bad. I actually just made myself chicken on my little hot plate, so add subpar beginner cooking to my list, and I only set the fire alarm off once! All in all living alone has made me more self sufficient, not that I didn’t learn that at school, but just a bit more. Also – I have a newfound appreciation for a good working garbage can, a comfortable bed, and icy hot.  I’ve watched a lot of movies with Ashton Kutcher on Netflix, and saw Split in theaters and absolutely loved it.  I sent a bunch of letters this week, so hopefully they all arrive at their respective destinations in a timely manner.

Saturday I went with my program to Mount Tamborine for some hiking mostly. Saw a pretty waterfall and enjoyed the rainforest. I ate my weight in pizza and burgers but am glad to have found some good food spots here. I went out again Saturday night and believe it or not had fun again, I don’t know what has gotten into me but I think I like it. Who knows if this me who goes out will remain when I come back to the states.

I thought a lot about how great it is to be here today. I miss everyone at home so much, but this has been exactly what I needed. I love the adventure and the friendships this experience has already brought me and I’m looking forward to so much more.


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