Im going to try to sandwich the negatives with the positives, because according to my business communications class, that’s a good way to deliver bad news. So anyway, I went to Melbourne this past weekend and the views were incredible. The city of Melbourne is huge, and the food was fantastic. Who knew Australia had such good pizza? On Saturday we took a tour down the Great Ocean Road, totally worth the 14 hours in the bus. We stopped many times along the way, some of them being: Loch Ard Gorge, The 12 Apostles, London Bridge, Teddy’s Lookout, and many others with incredible ocean views (see VSCO for pics). On Friday and Sunday we explored the city of Melbourne and enjoyed a lot of the many things it had to offer, including the Sky Deck, which gave us a view of the whole city from above. I also heard there was great shopping, but I didn’t partake in that, and I bet anyone who knows me is probably thinking “yeah right,” and trust me I would be too. To explain that more I’ll have to backtrack, let me start out by telling you the first of our misfortunes and bad luck incidents as a group of ten girls in their early twenties. It all started when a group of my friends decided it was a good idea to go out (to a club) the night before our crack of dawn departure. When we were supposed to leave at 6, I had to wake up my roommate (connected by conjoining door)  when we were supposed to be leaving, and another girl was not answering. With no way to get a hold of her, we left for the airport just praying she would wake up and get her own uber. Nope, she missed her flight and paid for a whole new trip, nearly double what she paid before. So our traveling was just a big mess, and that includes the impossible ubers in Melbourne as well. Next up, on Saturday after our tour of the Great Ocean Road I realized my wallet and Ray Bans were missing. Frantic I had hoped I had just left them on the bus, nope called several times. The company seemed very  helpful, but alas they were not there. After taking several different paths to find them and coming up empty handed it had finally resonated that they had been stolen. So in a foreign country, far far away from my bank, and mom I started to really freak out. Thank God I still had my passport, and luckily after some time my (lovely) mother was able to wire me some cash to hold me over. Overall I did lose credit cards, cash, license, student ID’s, bus pass, gift cards, etc, but nothing that can’t be replaced with more time and more money. So yes, pain in the ass, but not a life ruiner. Moving on, Melbourne was still fun and I had a great time with my friends. We made lots of memories, both good and bad. Due to my lack of sleep when I got home yesterday I fell asleep at 5pm intending to only take a nap, but minus a couple wake ups, I basically slept a total of 13-14 hours. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before, just goes to show how exhausted this weekend had me. I might even be coming down with a little cold. Thankful for my family and friends for being there for me to bail me out and help me in situations like this. I could never do it alone. Speaking of alone, Happy Valentines Day! Sending love to all of my favorite people, I hope your V-day is better than mine was; However, I did go on a school trip where I went rock-climbing. Also – Jack sent me flowers so that was nice, which it didn’t feel so weird. This experience was exhilarating yet terrifying, I used every muscle in my body and am going to feel that tomorrow.

Anyways, Happy Valentines Day!

Can’t wait to tell you about Sydney

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