So I think this has been my favorite trip so far, JK it HAS been my favorite trip. Thank GOD my phone has much more storage now, because I would never be able to take this myriad of photos if it hadn’t. When we flew in (thankfully no one missed their flight this time), we went to our Airbnb accommodations, pretty squeezed with  10 girls to one bath room and essentially one room, but still an upgrade from a hostel for sure, a lot of bonding time. Next we went to a cool bar near by, big dance floor, fresh air and cool atmosphere all around. Then since we were again staying in a Chinatown, we got some interesting asian food at 4 am. — I swear we have ended up in the Chinatown of every city we’ve visited.– Anyways, (I feel like I say that word a lot, and I also feel like that says a lot about me…) On Friday, we decided to go to Bondi Beach. I can not express to you how magnificent this place was. We went to Icebergs (pictured) and I could not wipe the smile off my face. I couldn’t have been any happier, it is now my favorite place I’ve ever been to in the whole world, but who knows that may change in the next couple months! Excited for more travel. I am going to need a high paying job when I get older, for I need to fund this addiction. After spending the day here, we later decided to go to a restaurant/bar where we paid a set price for unlimited tacos and drinks for an allotted time. This night would mark one of our friends 21st birthdays, and I would definitely say it was a success. Everyone had a good time. The next day we got brunch as a “fam” as a further birthday celebration, and then headed to The Sydney Opera House. Something we all have been looking at in pictured for all our lives and are now finally here. It was huge, grand really. I have never seen anything like it before. We took a boat tour around the harbor which gave us a cool perspective of the city, despite how it poured rain the entire second half of the tour. We had appetizers and drinks at the Opera House bar afterward, and it was a cool, yet expensive experience. Later that night we went to a gay bar with a drag show and it was actually a ton of fun ( our friend whose birthday it was is gay) and we all had a fun and hilarious time. When Sunday came around, we woke up had brunch, and proceeded to the Chines Garden of Friendship. This turned out to be a really cool hidden place within Sydney. Very green, wand intricate. Some of our friends dressed up in traditional Chinese clothing. After this we went to the Gardens of Alexandria, and this was another one of my new favorite places. There were little markets, and great lunch spots. Honestly it was a photographer’s heaven. I did buy a couple little things at this market because I couldn’t resist! There were great little rings, and this as we all know, is my weakness. We had some lunch, and then those of us that had 6:40 flights went on to the airport. Our flight was actually extremely rocky and turbulent, everyone was freaking out, but we made it down safely. Overall I adored Sydney, and yes, my friends can sometimes be an indecisive and dysfunctional bunch, but we managed to have a smooth weekend and everyone enjoyed one another’s company.

Getting back was a rude awakening and I had a lot of work to do. A little stressed about school this week, I need to get better at taking my medicine and allocating study/homework time! This weekend I don’t have much planned, but with my program we are doing a very short day trip to Currumbin rock pools in the mountain. I will try to update this shortly! I have written people letters and will continue to do that. A lot of my friends have birthdays this semester and I wish I could be there to celebrate! By the way, I thought I should say, right after writing my last post, I got a call that the bus company actually found my wallet… I called that place like 100 times and they find it like 5 days later? Oh well, even though the credit cards will be no use to me, it will be nice to have my ID’s back!


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