Thoughts of the week

Just writing an unplanned, middle of the week post to get some of my random, A.D.D generated thoughts out. Decided to make the feature pic one from the markets from The Garden of Alexandria. To see more check out

I was hoping that would create a hyperlink, oh well. Also sorry to self advertise but I’ve been trying to keep up with my VSCO and if you want to see just some of the beautiful things I’m seeing here, thats the best window, visually that is.

I actually have had a lot of school work for the first week since I’ve been here. I would choose a difficult university while studying abroad… that gives me a strong possibility of failure, 25% chance to be exact! My friends all just had a history midterm and all of them failed it (Awesome) so feeling GOOD! I have a midterm next week and several assignments. I already screwed up the intense referencing system for my history paper due earlier this week. Also not feeling good about my probability to get a summer internship either. I keep applying and keep getting radio silence. So if your’e reading this, give me a job. Thanks. I’ll stop being pessimistic now.

I have started to look at Thailand trips for after my finals and they look so fun and I’m getting excited. Hopefully I can book a couple trips toward the end of my stay sometime this week or next.

I keep hoping someone from home will visit me, preferably a handsome blue eyed muscly guy just under 6 foot. Hint hint. Just kidding, but not really.

I wrote more letters this week, so once I get more money I’ll actually buy stamps and send them out. Living off of coins right now, awaiting the arrival of the new credit card. Every morning I ask the ladies of the office if they’ve seen anything yet, still nope. They are probably sick of me by now.

Thanks for reading! This helps keep me sane.

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