Rock Pools

So this weekend was decently low key. The rock pools trip was short and sweet. I enjoyed swimming in nature’s water park, the water was cool and refreshing, it was the perfect temperature, and the view was pretty cool. If you can see, right above my head  in the pic there was a little natural rock slide. It was pretty exhilarating actually. It was a steeper and bigger drop than it looks, I promise. Also, where we are swimming was deep enough for it not to be super dangerous. Overall it was a good little trip, I just wish we had more time!

The rest of the weekend was mostly filled with homework and binge watching Netflix, oh and some more misfortunes. If anyone finds my GoPro, please, let me know. Other than that my lack of sleep and sluggish unhappy mood can probably explain this pain in the ass cold I am now coming down with. My head is throbbing with immense pressure so shortly I will pop some NyQuil and hopefully not wake up until morning. That may be asking too much though, I find it extremely difficult to sleep through a night here, but that may also have to do with my faulty AC.

No more negativity I promise! Ok, I don’t promise, but I hope I don’t sound super whiny, I’m just filling you in on the weekend and thats basically all that happened so, can’t help it. Trying to plan a little trip to Noosa this weekend… on our own this time. Apparently Noosa has awesome beaches so hopefully a few of us can make that work. Most of our friends will either be in Sydney or Thailand, so we’re trying to something decently fun yet affordable for Mardi Gras.

Sorry to be boring! Nothing juicy except some bf issues and typical drama that comes with the territory of having a group of friends consisting of 15 girls. This will be a week of studying and blowing my nose. I did however make another banging playlist to get me through the week.

Update: Still haven’t gotten my credit card, or my wallet! Still living off sketchily wired cash. I only say sketchily because the only time I’ve ever heard of wiring cash is in scams that take over peoples’ emails. But not this time, this is real life people.

Also shout out of the week: Thank you Mom, for always being there even from 10,000 miles away. xoxo

Yours truly

I’ll do better next time, I promise to make my life more interesting by next week! Even the most interesting man in the world takes a week off of being the most interesting man in the world.

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