As promised, this week I have slightly more interesting stories to tell.

No update on my psych test yet, all I can say is it was stupid hard like everything else at this school. But I basically lived at the library prior to the test so we’ll see.

Two and my friends and I decided to go to Noosa this weekend, but we were so lazy and last minute that I had to pull everything together for cheap. So we got a night in a hostel and decided to take public transportation. Although this option was cheaper than renting a car, and didn’t require us to quickly learn how to drive on the left side of the road, it did take very long. After about 5-6 hours, a bus, two trains, and a couple Ubers, we finally made it.

Since we arrived at 3 pm, we did not get much beach time, in fact we hardly even tried. We got Acai bowls that were out of this world good, then we moved on to drinks. Later that night we got dinner, terrible choice of restaurant. Then we wandered onto the beach again at night and I convinced my friends to stay longer, so we laid our heads down and looked up at the stars. The farther along the beach we walked, the darker it got, and the better the stars looked. It’s these moments that I realize how special this experience is. Moments alone with a view, or in the ocean also have the same effect.

The next day is where it all went to shit, in a funny(ish) way. We decided to do the national park hike. This hike would show us amazing views, and bring us to the hidden rock pools (our end destination).  We started out on a gorgeous beach where I saw couples and their dogs swimming and strolling on the beach, and it was amazing, exactly where I want to be 10 years down the road. Then we got to the first “mountain” part of the hike. basically climbed a hill/mountain to get to a secluded beach… that also happened to be a nudist beach, we had to walk through the beach to get the the other side of the mountain, and rest of the hike. While on our walk through the nearly deserted beach without any service, we had our feet in the water, shoes in hand, I saw a little fish flopping on the sand because it had just been washed up. I decided to scoop it up and throw it back it, but little did I know that choice would be the start to our unlucky day. As soon as the wave came in I felt something wrap around my leg. My friends and I were just discussing how we had never gotten stung by a jellyfish before… Anyways back to the story, so then I casually mentioned I think I just got stung, and didn’t really think much of it in the moment. Next I catch a glimpse of something small(ish) and black in the ocean ( it’s easy to see because the water is so clear) and only then did I realize that that black object, was my phone. Frantic I went after it, but the waves were coming in quick and every time one washed up my phone would disappear farther into the ocean. I walked back onto the beach in despair, trying to take one last look ready to give up when I saw it. I ran and grabbed it quick and luckily for me, it worked… good job Apple. Next, the pain hit me. My whole leg was in excruciating pain. I sat down and began to writhe in pain. It kept getting worse and worse. My friends were trying to get service to google what to do. One got service enough to open one page. On that page it said to make sure any stinger/tentacle is completely out of the area where stung. So they checked my leg and sure enough I still had the blue tentacle on it even after 10-15 minutes had gone by. It was later that I found out the severity of pain is determined by how long you are in contact with the tentacle.. which was bad news for me. The pain crept into my groin and then my abdomen and I became nauseous. I waited out the majority of the pain on the beach, then decided to suck it up for the remainder of our hike so we could finish it and see the rock pools. Before we left though, one of my friend’s who was with me on the beach had their phone washed over by a wave, but her phone was an iPhone 6, and was not “water proof” so although it teased us for a moment, her phone broke and she had to buy a new one. AS we continued on this long hike, we encountered a storm, a really bad storm where we got caught, miles from the nearest road. However; we may have been soaking wet, in a lot of pain, and down a phone, but we made it safely back to civilization, and we saw some pretty amazing views on our way and have some stories share too. So although the day didn’t go as planned, I’ll always remember it.

Sorry this took so long to write, I kept leaving and coming back to this. I have a lot more to say and more boring thoughts to share, so I’ll get back to you with more this week.

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