Can’t stop thinking about driving down to the beach listening to my Lana, Beatles, The Cars, and mix CD’s etc. I want to do so many road trips this summer. I really do think I can’t be in the same place for too long or I’ll go crazy. To get out is my calling, not that I needed to go abroad to see that, but this just made that knowledge stronger.

These past couple weeks I have found a new hobby, I’ve been throwing handfuls of Cheerios (they’re stale don’t worry) out my balcony and watching the fish and (sometimes) the birds eat them. I don’t know why it mesmerizes me, but it does. Recently, I find that an imposter has taken my job right out from under me. Pretty soon there was a war between the two grain throwers. Unfortunately I lost out. I can’t quite compete with hot dog buns and Doritos.

I woke up this morning and literally went out on my balcony to say “Good morning Australia!” It has finally stopped raining after weeks of The Gold Coast not seeing any sun. Today is a beautiful day, and I am in need of a little sunshine. I am overwhelmed with work to do this week (and next) so won’t be going anywhere this weekend but the library. A couple days ago I found out the project I had that I thought was just a presentation, turned out to include a 10 page paper. My two partners for this project are from Chile, and Japan. A.K.A I was the only one fluent in English, A.K.A , I DID THE WHOLE THING. So now, on to the next insanely long paper! Yay.

Once I get through these next 10 or so days of academic hell, I’ll be off to camping in the outback. It will come at just the right time, can’t wait to tell you all about it.

As usual I have had some more eye-opening realizations this week about life. I’d rather be a good person than a rich person. It takes a conscious effort to remember and think about what is going on in the rest of the world outside of your own. I’m just going to leave that there for now.

Continuing to enjoy my time here, oh how fleeting it is. Looking at flights home gives me mixed emotions. On one hand I am excited, and on the other, I never want to leave this dream!



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