The Outback

Sorry I have been MIA, but the next few weeks are going to be hectic and action packed so I will make myself write about them! I am actually in the middle… well not in the middle I’d say about a quarter of the way done with my psych lab report. So I am taking a break from writing, with more writing!

This past weekend I went to the outback of Australia, and what an amazing adventure it was. I flew out on Thursday morning and did not return until Sunday evening. Once meeting with our tour group, our first stop was Ayer’s rock, Uluru (pictured, excuse my awkward stance). Trust me this is no ordinary rock. It was huge in person, after a guided walk with cultural stories and legends of the rock, we were set free to walk the base. With my straw hat and fly net for my face (yes, face) I was ready to explore the outback. The air was incredible and so easy to breathe, well it would’ve been if I wasn’t still recovering from a cold, either way the air felt great. We explored the visitor center and little shop containing art from the indigenous people. If it weren’t so pricy I would’ve gotten some! We weren’t allowed to take pictures either. My friends and I did end up getting pairs of stud earrings with different symbols that meant different things on them. Mine mean sisters picking wild flowers, theirs meant people telling stories. I’m glad I have something that will remind me of time here. Next, we went to our base camp where we would eat dinner, watch the sunset over the horizon, and sleep for the night.

The first night we got our sleeping bags and each found a spot next to one another to set up camp for the night. No tents, just sleeping bags and our selves. I remember having one of those moments, those moments you always remember. I thought to myself how incredible this was and how much more I wanted to do it. I laid down and looked up at the stars, took as many breaths through my nose as my body would allow, and enjoyed the moment. I remember trying as hard as I could to keep my eyes open to look at the stars longer but before I knew it I was out cold. The next morning we were up around 5 to see the sunrise over the rock. It was miraculous. I am always amazed at how many colors and shades that can naturally be created by the sun and the sky. After the sunrise, we gathered our things and boarded the bus for our next adventure.

Day two was spent at Kata Tjuta. After a short bus ride, we started our next hike. This hike was amazing. The temperature was perfect and we didn’t even need our bug nets. While I’m on the weather actually, we could not have chose a better weekend, usually the temperatures are well in the hundreds, but this weekend because of a cyclone hitting the coast (we think) the temperatures dropped to the eighties during the day. While it did make for some cool nights in the sleeping bags, it was well worth it. Back to Kata Tjuta- we hiked for hours until we got to a viewing point that looked out over the land and rocks. It was gorgeous, and breath taking. I love feeling so small next to something created thousands and thousands of years ago by nature. After this hike we began to make our way to the next location.

We set up camp near Kings Canyon, where we would hike the final day. Oh, but before getting there we stopped on the side of the road to collect firewood. Usually I wouldn’t bother writing about something that seems of such little importance to the story but it was quite a memory. The wood we collected had to be big, like really big. The bugs were crazy active which only made me more annoyed, and it happened to be the peak hotness of the day. This scene was a mess, I wish I could accurately describe how miserable it was. We had to tie the wood we collected to the top of our trailer so it had to be thick enough to be useable but short enough to fit. So we were trying to break these giant pieces of wood and pass them up to get tied down. By we, I really mean I, my friends decided to take the bench for this activity. When what felt like hours later, we finally finished collecting wood, I had many cuts, bug bites and blackened limbs from dirt to show for it. When we got to the next base camp, we unloaded the wood and set up for the night. This night was definitely my favorite. We started a fire outside to cook dinner. We made pasta with meat and vegetables in pots over the fire. After dinner, we “cleaned” up (I use that term loosely) and set up our sleeping bags again. I cannot put into words how absolutely incredible the stars were. Best I’ve ever seen. My breath was taken away. I didn’t want to go to sleep. The kind of stars I’m talking about are the kind where you can see the galaxy. It was amazing, and if you know me at all, you know how much I love stars. I woke up once that night to the sound of wild horses galloping through camp. At first I was scared we were going to get trampled, but I guess I just fell back asleep because I don’t remember anything else.

The next morning we had to get up at 4… obviously my friends and I were the last ones up and set the group behind a bit. We started our hike in Kings Canyon in the pitch black. I think this was my favorite hike. Again, the grandiose and large creation of nature fascinated me. There was so much to see here. I couldn’t get enough. I took in every piece of information I learned, every view there was to see, and held onto each fleeting moment as it passed me by. There was a difficult and steep climb as soon as we got there. We were huffing and puffing when we finally got to the top. The rippled and dry ground I was walking on had once the bottom of the ocean. That blew my mind. Once the sun came up and illuminated the canyon, it felt like I was on top of the world. Views every which way you looked. Incredible.

Overall I had an amazing time this weekend, this was probably my favorite weekend in Australia, and maybe of all time. I’m so glad I went to the outback. I have memories that will last me a lifetime. I was destined to travel and explore this beautiful earth. Even more sure again that this country was the right choice for me.

I’m going to wrap it up here because I just realized I wrote way more here than I have done on my assignments… so I’m off to work on those!

Thanks for reading! Sorry I still don’t proofread!

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