Bali, Indonesia

Ok so due to exhaustion I cannot guarantee the quality of this post. Last week I went to Bali. We arrived late at night so our trip really didn’t begin until the next day. This time we actually got to stay in a real hotel! Not a hostel (which right now I’m missing considering I just walked into my room and a grown ass man was asleep in one of the beds at 3pm) ah, hostel life. Anyways, we woke up the next morning and decided to first hit up our hotel pool, then go to some of the popular local places we had been told about. Mind you, this trip did not consist of a tour/lots of planned things, so a lot of it was unplanned and spontaneous. Unfortunately, that led to some issues between friends, indecisiveness, and money issues etc. I was very stressed about money this trip so I was definitely annoying. I’ll leave the rest of that out though. We went to a resort called potato head, it was fancy and overlooked the ocean with an infinity pool. We all had a good time here, ordered some lunch, drinks, and swam around for a bit. We also went to an acai bowl places that designed these amazing looking bowls with all sorts of fruit. Next we walked around a bit and shopped in the little stores. By the end of this trip we were all pretty good at bargaining. The next day, Friday, the only thing we really did of note was plan things for the rest of the week and go to the rock bar. I had to finish and submit my paper so this was a low key day. The rock bar however was absolutely one of the coolest resorts I have ever seen. Every direction you looked, it looked like it came out of a magazine. It looked like it was made for weddings and famous people only. The water was like ten U.S. dollars, so that’s when you know. The next day was our one planned trip. We saw many different things in a short period of time. Our first stop was at a Balinese fabric/cloth making place, then a jewelry making place, and then a wood carving place. It was cool to see how the things we all were buying were being hand crafted and made by the local people. Next we went to a monkey sanctuary, which may have been one of my favorite things of the trip, however; intimidating. Those monkeys would hop right on your shoulder without any warning. They were cute, but some were aggressive. We bought bananas to get them to approach us but pretty soon we realized we didn’t need the bananas. The monkeys were all different shapes and sizes; it was truly a humorous experience. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the monkeys freak out my friends and pull on their hair. Next we went to a rice field and I wasn’t expecting much but it was mesmerizing. The layout of the field was so intricate and cool. Next we had a true Indonesian meal, and it was freaking amazing. I literally had like 50 courses ( I swear the portions were small) even if they weren’t lets be real I’d probably still get the same amount. I tried BinTang famous Bali beer), and liked it, it was light and kind of Budweisery.

The next day my friends decided they wanted to go to the Gili Islands. At first I was against because of all the money it would cost, but I’m glad we went (I think). It was a pain in the ass to get to and from though I have to say. The boat that took us there was stupid expensive and made everyone want to vomit. When we arrived we picked a place to stay (again it was expensive, so naturally I complained) and then we went snorkeling. The snorkeling was great! It was no Great Barrier Reef, but we immediately saw like four turtles and I was amazed. Although our guides did not have much respect for the marine life, gave us no rules or information and even touched the turtles! This upset me, our one guide followed the turtle around and kept touching its back which is disrespectful and he should’ve at least given the turtle space. Sorry this is my place to vent about it. It’s one thing to view/observe the beautiful turtle in its natural habitat, but to intrude on its space and scare it is not ok. Moving on, we rented bikes and biked around the island until we found the photogenic swing spot my friends were looking for, I have to say, it lived up to the hype. The swings were in a foot or so of water and the ocean behind it was glassy and marvelous (see photos on Instagram/vsco). We picked a spot to get drinks and watch the sunset around a picnic table, it was a great night. The next morning, we laid out by the ocean to get some sun and soak in the views once more before catching the miserable boat back. The boat came late, and we had to give up on the bus we paid for back because they said it would take another four hours, which was another bummer. Instead, we got a cab. This was the most dangerous car ride I’ve ever had the displeasure of taking. Our cab driver knew we wanted to be back early so he definitely tried to pull some strings I’ll give him that. It seemed red lights didn’t apply to us, and neither did the directions of streets. This guy was taking risks you only see in movies. To get around some traffic he would try to drive on the other side of the road just quick enough so we weren’t squashed like bugs by the oncoming cars. We all would’ve left our loved ones’ voicemails if we had service. After miraculously making it back alive, we had a much needed spa day. We got spa packages that included body scrubs and massages. The massage was heavenly; the scrub was weird but at least my skin is clean. Our last activity would be the volcano hike. This hike would be hardest yet most rewarding hike of my life (so far). We had to wake up at 1 am (yes, 1 am,) for our ride. Once we got to the volcano it was still pitch black of course, and now that I mention it, so was the entire first half of the hike. I say entire because the first half took us almost three hours. It was dark, cold and really steep and dangerous. There was not really a path, it was more of us scaling the volcanic rock and using all our limbs to get to the top. My flimsy Nike sneakers did not do me well, lots of rolled ankles and missteps thanks to them. Note to self for future: invest in quality hiking boots. At the top we watched the sun rise over the active volcanos and the lake. It was absolutely spectacular. One of, if not the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. The hike down felt like a whole different hike. We could actually see the steep and sharp rock we’d just climbed in the dark, but we could also see the amazing views. This whole hiking trip took eleven hours in total. The hike was difficult but the view and feeling at the top made it worth it. There were tons of monkeys and stray dogs all over the volcano. Again, cool to see the monkeys, this time in their natural habitat.

When we got back to the hotel, since we had to check out we didn’t have beds to sleep in, so we read and laid out by the pool. Then later that night it was time to go. I was banking on sleeping on the plane but one restless baby had another idea. So needless to say I’m exhausted. I am actually writing this post from New Zealand, got back from Bali yesterday and already had to wake up at 4 am for another flight. Don’t get me wrong SO excited to be doing what I’m doing, just tired that’s all! I will tell you about New Zealand in another post, and get ready for some enthusiasm because I’m already in love!

Indonesia was amazing, I absolutely will have memories of all sorts for a life time from there. I am getting to see some incredible places I lot of people will never get to see in their lifetimes. Feeling lucky *cough*cough* .

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