New Zealand

I’m sorry this is so late, I had to take my finals and pack up my entire life in Australia in less than a week, so stressed is an understatement. Let me just get right to the point. New Zealand is by far one of my favorite places in the world, I know, I bet I’m starting to lose credibility for saying that so often. We got off the plane and immediately fell in love with Queenstown. We did a little souvenir shopping, and explored the pretty and quaint streets of the town. That night we decided to go to Fear Factory, a haunted house (the scariest in New Zealand as they say… even Ed Sheeran chickened out ha.) Ok seriously though it wasn’t for the faint of heart. The three of us started out, made it like 30 seconds and said the safe word. To be fair I wanted to keep going, so two of us had the balls to try again and believe it or not we made it through the whole thing, only coming out with a couple skinned knees and heart palpitations. On Friday, we started out the morning wandering into a cute brunch spot that fed us well. Next we went to the Skyline in Queenstown where we took a Gondola up the mountain and got a fantastic view at the top. Once we were at the top, we got to ride the luge, 5 time, we made it a race between the four of us and all had a blast. 

The next day definitely did not go as planned, we were supposed to go bungy jumping/swinging but thanks to miscommunications with our flight agent, we missed our booking. So after dealing with that nightmare, we decided to figure something else out to do in this beautiful country we were in for the day. After some thorough searching (and I mean thorough, everything was booked up since it was Easter weekend) we found something! Horseback riding in the mountains where Lord of the Rings was filmed. Not too shabby let me tell you. Not only was the day perfect but we were seeing some of the most beautiful mountains in the best way possible to see them. My horse’s name was Goose, known for being a bit of a trouble maker, he lived up to expectations. Stopping for snacks every 5 seconds, randomly taking off, and laying down whenever he wants to roll in the dirt, I’d say we had a few things in common. But really, he did lay down randomly and I didn’t know what was happening while the guide frantically  yelled at me to get off. Ha ha, so thank Goose for keeping me on my toes, literally. The ride was really majestic, I felt like Legolas (Dad I hope you’re proud). In fact I got thinking about Lord of the Rings and how you used to “play Strider” with me and Shannon. We would walk on your feet so we didn’t “leave footprints” when it was time for bed (now after years of babysitting I realize this was just a clever way to get us to bed) and then you would pretend to look back and see if we left any traces behind that could be tracked. I appreciate those memories Dad. For those of you that don’t know the movies/books etc. Strider was a tracker, just for context. I may or may not have collected the action figures from the McDonald’s happy meals but you’ll never know that. 

ANYWAYS, we ended the day getting a hearty meal, well at least I did. I ordered ribs and when they came we all scoffed at how there was essentially a whole animal on my plate (sorry vegans everywhere) and I would never finish them, and then of course I did. I always tend to surprise people with my appetite, but hardly ever myself so this was a new one. The next day was Easter, and we had our Milford Sound trip planned. A lot of time on the bus to get there but the views were worth it. Once at Milford Sound, we took a lunch boat cruise on the waterways through the mountains. I made that sound way fancier than it was, in fact we all got sick from the buffet, but the views nonetheless were spectacular. Some of my friends actually broke off to take a small plane through the mountain range. Pretty cool, just out of the budget. We all met back up for dinner and caught up. 

On our last full day we finally got to do the bungy jump we had rescheduled. I was freaking out, definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever done and probably the most rewarding. I don’t know how I jumped or what possessed me to do it but I did, and it was awesome. Realizing I was inches away from death was terrifying, surreal and liberating for some reason. I’m not trying to be a drama queen, it was really quite safe (I promise mom) I just mean the feeling of it. I was on a high for the rest of the day. Right after this we hopped on our wine tour. What a day right? I was feeling pretty lucky… no pun intended. Sorry for that, getting back on track (see I’m trying to use “anyways” less) on our wine tour we stopped at 4 different wineries. It was again a beautiful day and I actually liked the wines believe it or not. I met some cool people on this tour and all around the vines were light and fun and still classy at the same time. See mom I don’t just like shitty college wine in a bag anymore! In the evening we went to an ice bar called below zero, and it really felt like below zero alright. Very cold, very fun. We didn’t last too long in there but long enough to take our shots and drinks in cups made of ice. We kept moving to keep the sensation from leaving our bodies. After warming up, we met some cool people and went back to the hostel. That’s most of what happened worth noting. It was an awesome awesome trip to say the least. En route to Thailand as I wrote this. One last hoorah before I come home, and who knows maybe just maybe I’ll keep this up every now and then for the possible adventures to come. 

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