So yeah… SORRY that it has literally taken me almost a full year to write this post but I wanted to pick back up blogging this year and realized I never did a post on Thailand so while it is still relatively fresh I would like to do so, even if it is not as in detail as it should be, plus this gives me an excuse to talk about abroad without anyone getting annoyed. So without further ado. Thailand was amazing and I would 10/10 recommend to a friend. And while I did go on a guided trip I would go back and do it on my own again. Everything is exteremly affordable which was huge considering it was my last trip. I went to beautiful temples with lots of gold and gorgeous details and patterns. We also rode in Tuk Tuk’s (I believe) which are like crazy little vehicles that whip you around to get you where you need to be. Next we went out in Bangkok and got to experience the night life. Yes, I did eat a scorpion, and no I still can’t really describe the taste. I also sucked laughing gas out of a balloon but don’t think it did anything. Another cool thing about Bangkok is the little shops all over the sides of the streets. I got amazing little things that I was able to take home like little hand made notebooks, bracelets, locally grown fruit on a stick, etc.. Not to mention the food was amazing, like everything I ate there was incredible, and I ate everything even if my stomach wasn’t ready for it. Have you ever had Thai curry? Because you should, and obviously pad Thai and Thai tea! This is a nice Segue to bring up the fact that I also took a Thai cooking class in Bangkok! Super super fun! And the food was super super good (again). Next we left Bangkok to stay in floating bungalows in Khao Sok. The views were incredible, I have never been somewhere that looked like a tropical video from Facebook as much as this. The scenery was crazy and the stay was remote, peaceful and full of adventure. I saw tons of monkeys and had a nice few days away swimming and jumping off high rocky spots. Next was Koh Phangan. Here, we got to snorkel in the middle of another paradise, meet and play with majestic elephants (which was, dare I say life changing) and hang poolside with pad Thai and cocktails. Can’t forget about the famous beachside Thai massages either! Does it get any better? I don’t think so! Need I say more? Thailand was amazing and I can’t wait to go back. 

Stay tuned for more, way less exciting posts to come! 

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