10 Reasons why the jellyfish


(Portuguese Man of War)

Ahh the jellyfish, the pest of the sea, the thing no one wants to see when they swim, the waste of space, puts the sting in disgusting (made that up), am I right?? WRONG, and I’m about to tell you why its not and why it means something to me. I’ll start with the obvious.

  1. So as many of you know from a previous blog I was stung by a jellyfish in Noosa last year during my time in Australia. The Jellyfish was called the Portuguese man of war, or bluebottle jellyfish (which fun fact it’s technically not even a jellyfish but still considered one of the most painful and deadly in the world). It is also referred to by many as the “Deadly Beauty,” and I love that. Which brings me to my next point…
  2. It represents one of my favorite concepts in the world, that even in the darkest, scariest, and saddest moments of our lives there is beauty whether your recognize it then or not. There is the hope and strength that you find in yourself and the comfort and support you unearth in others. You can always ee the good if you know where to look.
  3. Something else I love about “Deadly Beauty” is that it goes both ways. So yes there is beauty in dark times, but also the reverse, even beautiful things can harbor dark secrets. So just a different way of saying things are not as they seem, or don’t judge a book by its cover. How could something so beautiful carry such a deep sting?
  4. This day in particular will forever be a memory I will hold dear. It allowed me to strengthen a bond and find the best friend I could ask for. My Lex (and liv too!) But fortunately I got to remain physically close to Lex after Australia because she also went to my school. On the beach that day it was clear Lex would be in my life forever. She has already gotten me through so much and I could never thank her enough for knowing exactly what to say to me when I need her the most. I value her and our frienship so much and I know we found each other for a reason. She helped make me feel better that day by continuously pouring ocean water on my leg to help the sting, just like she akes me continuously feel better in other ways. As a 22 year old, Lex has already been through so so much, so like I mentioned before, someone so beautiful can carry a darkness you’d never know at first glance. So this jellyfish is for Lex and I, taking on the world together. Cheers to that and cheers to finding friends for a lifetime.
  5. Also the jellyfish represents Australia to me, and the amazing months I spent there. Australia is known for it vast array of speicies, especially the poisonous ones like this one.
  6. The last truly meaningful reason would have to be resiliency (in a different way than before) getting stung by P-M-O-W and having to climb up another mountain in essentially a hurricane was no easy peasy lemo squeezy task. Just continues to show how much our bodies (and minds) can endure.
  7. Season 4, Episode 1, Friends.
  8. So like the basic bitch I am, I bought another poem book called Pillow Thoughts (there is a jellyfish on the cover) and the first poem is pictured below, and it is just lovely.
  9. Finding Nemo jellyfish scene.
  10. Jellyfish are treasured in Spongebob, jellyfish catching is a leaisurely activity that allows fun to be had so…
  11. BONUS: Because it’s me, and I like it. Anything could be a reason if I really wanted it to be.





Need I say more?

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