Ah procrastination, the bane of my existence, why can’t I shake you? Sitting here writing this blog post as a procrastination attempt from my duties as a scholar. Yes, I still have that itty bitty final 6 credit requirement that goes hand in hand with my internship, sigh. I have been dreading opening up the syllabus and starting the course for weeks now, terrified of all the missed due dates I might find. Alas, I caved, for I knew if I did not soon I would go the whole summer without looking. I am hoping this will push me to get other parts of my life together as well. Hopefully next will be my room, to give you an idea I’ve been going commando the last few days because I’ve run out of clean underwear and I’m literally too lazy to walk my laundry downstairs. Maybe next I’ll start actually applying for jobs considering once I complete this internship I’ll join the community of unemployed post-grads. Seems far off until you realize it’s only about 2 months away.

So I bet you’re wondering what I’ve been up to? Or why the title of this post is Juneteenth, or you might not be, but I’m going to pretend you are for the purpose of this post. Juneteenth is a literal holiday on your literal calendar, and it just so happens to be today. Don’t believe me (apple product users)? Go check your calendars, go ahead do it. That’s right, it’s there, and it has a pretty legitimate meaning so shame on you for not knowing about it!

As for what I’ve been up to, from what you have just read about all the things I have NOT done I bet you’re thinking she couldn’t possibly have been doing much of anything, well that’s where you’re correct, reader, well kind of, but I don’t write these blogs to talk about the boring stuff. Recently I have been writing down topics or things that interest me that I want to write about in the notes section of my phone. However, most of the time it’s when I’m tired, intoxicated, or both. So, you ever think something is a really great idea at night and write it down and you wake up and are like wtf was I thinking? Well, that’s not the case here because all my ideas are great… just kidding. It is kind of like when you think of some really sexy things to do or say in your head and then when the time comes to act on it, “Don’t f-ing touch me” comes out and you’re just like ??? what the hell is wrong with me???? Yeah, I wouldn’t know what that’s like either. So anyways I promise I’ll produce more pieces of substances with some of the half decent topics that are in my note section! I feel like this is kind of a waste of a post but I figured I needed a comical segue before I got all deep again. So happy Juneteenth, and stay tuned for more (and hopefully better) posts!



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