Choose Two

So you know the concept in college where people say you get to “choose two between, sleep, social life, and school (good grades)?” Well, I feel like that still applies to post-grad life as well, just with work replacing school. I am ALWAYS the girl to choose sleep and school, but these past few months I’ve absolutely been choosing social life over sleep for the good old motto “You don’t look back and remember the nights you got a good nights sleep, you remember the nights you go out and make bad decisions.” I’m sure I’ve said that before but it’s a good one so you can hear it twice. In fact, I haven’t gone back and read like a single one of my posts, but I just scrolled through them on the app recently and it shows like a little blurb from the start of each, and I ALREADY see so much repetition. Someone, please let me know if I literally am just writing the same thing over and over because apparently my memory is weak and my material is dated. Oh well!! Back to my point, there is a sneaky fourth option everyone forgets to include! Health! Turns out you can NOT have it all. Social life, early mornings, and lack of sleep is a recipe for getting sick so health is definitely a factor in the choose two equation. So next time someone tries to tell me it is possible to juggle it all, I will direct them to my gigantic tonsils and lymph nodes.

Ironically I am continuing to write this as I am BATTLING to stay awake at work long enough to get home and take a nap. Why does my body not want to sleep at night when it is supposed to? Let me know.

As usual, time to skip around to some other random thoughts and stories of the month. I would like to shoutout the real heroes, the ones who have funny names for their wifis for the laughs they will probably never see, you’re the real goat. Another shoutout of the week goes to snapchat filters, for ruining my life and making me feel extraordinarily ugly when they aren’t on, thanks for the facial reconstruction and false sense of beauty snapchat.

Whenever I write, I acknowledge that some days I’m “on” and some days I’m “off,” and even some days where I think I’m on, then I look back and realize I was really “off.” There’s also something ominous yet exciting about having strangers be basically the only ones who really know about this blog. It makes me feel free and like I have a secret community of friends who don’t judge me and actually read what I’ve written. Pretty cool, we all out here secretly looking out for each other.

So like I always say, do what you want with this read, hopefully we can all figure out a way to have a little bit of everything, sleep, social life, work balance, and above all good health, because we can’t have the rest of it without that. Don’t neglect your body, mentally or phsically, because you need both to function, so take care of yourself, because you’re pretty damn great.

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