In your heartbreak feels 

One day you realize everything’s been ok, it’s been fine.

You try and think back to the last time you thought about it, the last time you cried over him. 

Pretty soon, each day is going by and you only think about it once or twice. 

Then one day you’re triggered. 

It all comes out again, like it always does. 

Just when you thought you’d turned the corner.

You’re watching an airport scene in a romcom and it brings you back to all those heart wrenching goodbyes. 

You remember what you had. The true love you felt for one another. 

It was real. The end may not have told the same story as the beginning once did, but it was never due to a lack of passion and love. You tried so hard to hold onto the love that once was. You miss that love. The goodbyes you hated more than anything, you never thought you’d actually miss them.

And you cry. You cry and cry and cry. But it doesn’t change anything. And it never will. 

The amount of times you cry and the number of tears you shed for him is not going to make him come back to you, it’s not gonna change what he did. The only person it’s affecting is you.

You were once so in love, but that love is no more, and you will find an even better love the next time around. 

So be patient my love. Don’t inhibit yourself from feeling, but don’t let these feelings inhibit you from living.

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