Let My People Live

This post is just a little vent sesh for those things that people try and put you down about, big or small. I get that controversy makes the world go ’round. It’s perfectly fine to have different opinions about things and be able to express those opinions, but with that in mind, I still think that the way people choose to live their lives should be respected. FOR EXAMPLE, If I choose to listen to Christmas music in November and you think that’s “wrong” because it isn’t Thanksgiving yet THEN KEEP YOUR OPINION TO YOUR DAMN SELF! God forbid I WANT TO BE JOLLY FOR A MORE THAN ONE MONTH A YEAR SHEESH. Let my early Christmas bird people live.  For another one, it is OK to appreciate natural beauty and to express that, but if you see a girl with more makeup on than YOU like or would wear, LET MY GIRL LIVE. Maybe she enjoys the art of doing it or feeling like her best self, DO NOT PUT HER DOWN FOR THAT. Another big one, someone eating something you do not care for. WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT TASTES ( IN FOOD AND PARTNERS) it is a good thing so stop yucking other people’s yums because it is unnecessary negativity!! That goes for taste in men too like it’s probably a good thing if you don’t have the same type as your friends because that could have the potential to be messy. Don’t get me wrong, we all love a good gossip every now and then and you have every right to voice your opinion but there are some types of judgment that should not be shared! If I want to curate my social media pages, then let me do so! Personally I like have an aesthetic that is pleasing to me so hop off. My terrible dance moves are not hurting anyone, the filters I put on my pictures are my choice, the outfit I came out in I clearly thought I looked good in at one point, so unless I have toilet paper trailing from my jeans then I probably don’t want to hear an insult about my outfit just because you have a different style than I do. Don’t even get me started on the rape culture concept of “asking for it because of a revealing outfit.” I could go on for days on that one. Sure it’s easy to say “Well you shouldn’t care about what other people think.” I 100% believe that but that doesn’t make it nice either way, keep your judgemental negativity to yourself if you think you might hurt someone’s feelings. If I tell you I don’t like someone, and you see me talking to them at a bar, that doesn’t make me two-faced, that makes me someone who can handle having a conversation with them. Some people can’t, and that’s fine too! But don’t make me feel bad if I can or choose to! That doesn’t mean I dislike them for life, in factit means I’m capable of giving them another chance and not holding onto grudges or negativity, which maybe I think that’s how you should live but I will not push that on you either, but how I choose to handle it, its just that, my choice.  If I never talked to anyone I “didn’t like” at one point then what kind of life would that be? First impressions aren’t the end all be all. I do believe people can change, and even though I don’t think you should ever hold onto someone in hopes that they change, that doesn’t mean I don’t believe that people aren’t capable of change. Judgment can be so tricky, so be careful how you voice it to other people because you don’t know what insecurity you could be tapping. I didn’t ask for your opinion on my body or my weight and chances are you know nothing about my health so please don’t tell me I’m too skinny and need to eat more or I look bigger and should go on a diet. Let my people live. Be the light and the voice they need to hear not the destructive bitch with a tone. Oh, you think memes are immature, well bye I don’t, let me live. Again I wouldn’t apply this to situations where your hobbies or habits are affecting other people in a harmful way. So imma take my open mind and Christmas music and continue with my life while you haters out there go and mind your own god damn business thank. you. very. much. Disclaimer: this is not directed at anyone but if you know how annoying this is, then you feel me! Eat those anchovies hunni!! Embrace the differences in life because they are what make us all unique, and we need that in this world.

Girl you keep on living ( and you fellas out there too).


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