Karma is a bitch

Karma is a f*cking bitch and she always will be.  Don’t you ever forget it. Whatever your set of morals or values is that you live by, stick to it, and it’s ok if your set is different from everyone else’s (for the most part unless yours happens to condone murder then idk where you fall). Don’t let shiny things distract you from what’s important to you. If you allow yourself to stray from your personal moral code for a fleeting rush of some sort, it will deeply challenge your sense of identity, and if it doesn’t immediately, it will later on. I know I’m being very vague and I promised to be more open but it’s really hard for me to do that all while respecting other people’s privacy,  but I will touch on some of my own mistakes and shortcomings without bringing others into it to give you some context. January isn’t even over yet and I’ve already made some eye-opening mistakes that have really set a tone for this new year.

I’ve made lots of mistakes in my young life so far, but the types of mistakes that have me knowingly putting my morals aside for selfish reasons, have made way more of an affect on me than any other types of mistakes I’ve ever made. I’m talking about the kinds of mistakes that you make even though you know it’s wrong. Stepping on other to make your way to the top is never going to serve you long-term happiness. Stop living life in the short term mindset that we sometimes allow ourselves to be in. I’m someone who gets easily fixated on something and frequently seeks instant gratification, which isn’t always a bad thing, but it can lead to trouble a lot of the time. Over the past year I’ve had some encounters with professional athletes (in the dating scene that is) and there have been times where I’ve let their status/etc. sway me to allow them to treat me a certain way that I wouldn’t allow a normal guy to treat me, I caught myself making excuses for them and by the time I’d realized what I was allowing/doing, the affects had already been made, whether it was tangible consequences, or the mental tolls it took, it was too late to reverse them. Just an example for those struggling with some decision that jeopardizes their beliefs and morals. So let me use my mistakes to urge you not to make the same ones. I’m a big believer in allowing yourself to make mistakes in order to learn, but these are not the kinds of mistakes you need to make to learn a valuable lesson. On one hand I have learned a valuable lesson from this mistake, but on the other I’ve made similar mistakes in the past and there is really no excuse for the behavior. If it feels wrong when you’re doing it… it is wrong. I may be young but I can promise that it’s much better to live a life that you can be genuinely proud of rather than always taking the sketchy roads to get ahead for short term success.

Be bold, be brave, be patient, and always look at the big picture. Be someone you would be proud of. Think about the people that inspire you and how they might handle the situation you are in. Like I said before, don’t let the shiny temporary things distract you. You’ll never regret being a good person and while I will never discourage chasing all your hopes and dreams, there needs to be a line you won’t cross in order to get there. So if you have a tough decision to make or you come across one in the future, I hope you stop and think of this (you too future Megan)!

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